About Us

GMR Sales is family owned and operated for 4 generations.  We are a manufacturers' representative firm whose mantra tells it all:

"Proven performance in sales engineering"

GMR’s location puts us no more than a few hours from our farthest customers. We can offer prompt personal sales service to all our customers and principals. Our strategy is concentrated sales coverage with 3 outside and 2 inside sales persons.

We are committed to keeping our customers and principals updated on what is happening in the marketplace, beyond the sale. This includes timely feedback, new product guidance and development, enhanced better value, better deliveries, quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.

The same customers and principals served by our family during the early years are still part of "our family" today. We still serve those markets while recognizing and adapting to the changes and trends in products, technology, and customer needs in this ever shifting business environment.